Ethics, honesty and advertising: time to set the record straight

Last week I was having a quiet lunch with with some backpackers in the lazy fishing village of Mamallapuram, India. The subject of our occupations came up. Turns out I was seated with a cook and a school teacher from Britain, an architecture student from Sweden, a conceptual artist from France and her boyfriend, a factory worker employed by Airbus to paint its planes.“So what do you do?” the Frenchman asked me pleasantly  — Let me stop right here to say that after 25 years in this business I knew what was coming next. As much as I wanted to keep chatting about the heat, Deli-belly, and how Obama would save the world, I knew it was time to take my whoopin’. —  I put down my Kingfisher, straightened up in my seat, leaned forward, looked him in the eye and said,  “I work with marketing and advertising.”  Then I sat back.  …  Read More